Help People Now

Vision,Mission & Strategies


  • Healthy and self-reliant society where people have access and control over natural resources friendly relationship of give and take with nature and power of own decision making.


  • To capacitate the people and people’s organization ensuring sustainability, change ecological consciousness of the people and increase their economy and self- reliance.
  • To facilitate the process of the indigenous knowledge and to popularize the new adoptable and acceptable technologies in health, education, agriculture, natural resource management.
  • To empower the women for holistic development.


  • Need based approach fitting to the issues of the target area and its constituencies .
  • Community Led Approach ensuring active participation of the target constituencies.
  • Programme approach to ascertain sustainability laying emphasis onutilizing the local resources.
  • Integrated area development approach with focusing on convergence of resources to embark on cost effective programmes.


  • Deep collective analysis of the issues/problems, participatory planning and implementation, sustainable thrust with process orientationinterventions.
  • Skill building of the targeted community members and facilitating them to manage the local resources for their development.
  • Enabling the disadvantaged, deprived, exploited & vulnerable communities in getting the entitlements under the Govt. social security schemes and programmes.
  • Reaching the unreached people who are in distress and need assistance.
  • Ensuring participatory development process in collaboration with all the stakeholders.
  • Building and capacitating community based institutions for effective programme implementations.
  • Networking & linkages with Government agencies, statutory Public bodies, Civil Society Organisations, resource/research agencies and Community Based Organisations for resource mobilization and knowledge sharing.