Structure, governance and Organogram

JANASAHAJYA has an effervescent executive committee consisting of seven experienced members, led by the President. The members are basically elected by the General Body. The General Body (GB) is the supreme power structure of the organization, the meeting of which conducted annually to take stock taking of the activities & the financial reports to approve the same and provides input for the organizational development. The Executive Committee (EC) is working as the governing board, which plays a vital role in organizational management, administration, and provides suggestions & guidance.

The mandate is to hold meetings of executive members four times in a year. It also, it meets with staff and interacts with stakeholders to learn their views and needs in order with a view to helping the organizations management to plan appropriately and effectively. The Secretary is empowered to look after the day to day affairs, project/programme implementations, office administrative procedures, financial and compliances to donor and Govt authorities with the help of the staff of the organization. Most importantly, the review and assessment of the activities, utilization of fund are done on monthly basis by the Secretary in consultation with the staff.